Lie to everyone but yourself

Don’t worry about me.

Is bullshit, if you deny your wants to others and then sulk about how you didn’t get what you want I want you to reach out with your right hand and choke yourself to death because hey “Don’t worry about me”.

Just do what you want.

If you choose to have integrity, have it with yourself first.


Attracting people you want in your life.

Have you ever found yourself in this triangle of discombobulated romance?

You like girl

Girl likes guy

Guy doesn’t give a shit

It may make for a nice sitcom or romcom.

But it makes for a shit ton of dysfunctional relationships in the real world.

What do you want?

Clearly in that situation you wanted the girl.

Now ask yourself why.

You may come up with a plethora of reasons

“She’s pretty”

“She makes me feel good”

“That ass”

This is good, you identified things you wanted and you sought after it in a female.

But somewhere down the line you saw that this girl wasn’t interested in you as much as you are in her. So she moves back.

You follow and you chase because.




Afraid that you will be alone and don’t deserve what you want, then you neurotically act out of this fear and you literally fucking draw what you were trying to avoid into existence.

Makes no fucking sense but, hey it happens.

You know it’s true too, if you aren’t bullshitting yourself, you can look back and see a time where you pushed someone away indirectly with your insecurity and needy behavior out of fear.

Being attached to a specific reality creates attachment to that specific outcome.

While this sounds like a good way to live, that image of reality is exactly that.

An image

Reality is a constant progression, no moment is the same.

The only reality is the now, and you cannot become attached to any one specific reality.

People who were attracted to you ONCE are a part of a different reality, and it changes like the wind. People come and go, and you’re human so you will miss what was but you will suffer if you do not adapt to what IS.

What to do.

What is happening now.

Right now as you read this.

Who are the people that activly seek you in their life?

Which women/men like you?

Are you happy?

What can you do to change that right now?




Do not wait another fucking second, focus only on what you want and the current moment you exist in, yesterday and tomorrow are not real, they do not exist, you have just this moment.

If I died writing this post, I’d die happy.

I’d die happy because I write with a purpose and I enjoy seeing others reap the benefits of this blog.

You need to do the same, do what you want, be willing to suffer in the name of a greater desire or purpose.

If you’re a gamer and you do it with a happy heart and enjoy it and love every aspect of it, odds are you’ll end up dating a gamer.

Focus on yourself and you will attract what you want

If you want a certain type of woman, and have really nailed down what you’re looking for, you won’t settle for less and that’s attractive to women, a man’s strength.

But if you fucking hate your job, social life, etc. A woman isn’t going to fill that void.

When you become a whole person who pursues their desires in every aspect of life, you will attract the same.

Stop procrastinating, do what you want.

Death won’t care if you had a enjoyable life.

Make sure you get what’s yours and then share the love.

Cheers- G

18 Things Every 18 Year old Should Know.

  1. ) Your purpose
    1. Firstly, to know your purpose you must only decide upon a desire and carry it to the end of earth. If you want to be one of the best guitar players alive. You simply need to play the guitar every day, it’s simple but not easy.
  2. ) How to fight
    1. Someone, somewhere, wants you dead for trivial reasons or perhaps personal reasons, if you’ve never been in a fight do not believe violence does not preside in humans deep inside, because it does and the more successful and out there you become, the angrier the lowly become. Do yourself a favor and learn how to defend yourself and loved ones.
  3. ) Your parents are here just to keep you from killing yourself
    1. Some parents have raised their children beautifully and support them and their outlandish ideas no matter what. But most just want you to get a steady job, pop out some grand-kids and settle down with a woman they approve of. Don’t listen to anyone that wants to limit you, even if they’re trying out of love to guide you.
  4. ) Stay Physically Fit
    1. Being fast and strong is key to a healthy and useful life, imagine the sheer pain of watching your child be hit be a car because you couldn’t move your body fast enough due to your weight. If not for your sake, your loved ones
  5. ) Be Proactive (Anti-Fragile)
    1. Sitting on your ass and allowing others to take the reins in your life is foolish and ends up in a washed up existence, do yourself a favor and take action, overly meticulous planning causes analysis paralysis, because on paper there’s always a better way to do things but paper doesn’t matter, you do. Just will yourself into starting it.
  6. ) Maintenance of your personal vehicle
    1. Just know how to diagnose and repair basic things on your own vehicle, take responsibility and never be unprepared
  7. ) Get a gun
    1. *Refer to # 2* Except easier
  8. ) Be social
    1. People will love you just if you ask them genuine questions, no one and I mean NO ONE gives a damn about your small talk, dive deep, don’t be too afraid, most people are a lot more friendly than you think, and if they aren’t there’s plenty more.
  9. ) Learn one specific skill and learn it well
    1. Being the best in any field will get you headhunted, it does not take a huge amount of time, just the dedication to keep trying and failing, literally if you fail enough you will succeed.
  10. ) Run a business
    1. Doesn’t matter how small scale, it will teach you to take risks and become unhindered by the odds and organizational skills, plus money is always great to have.
  11. ) Eat meat
    1. It tastes good
    2. Bacon
    3. Increases Testosterone and is essential for muscle growth and hormone regulation
  12. ) Surround yourself with equals or betters.
    1. Unless you are explicitly keeping people around because you mentor them, boot the losers out of your life. You know who I’m talking about. Equals and better people than you will only lift you up.
  13. ) There is no right time
    1. Want to go travel the world? Go now, you’ll never really be ready. There has never in history ever been a *Right Time*
  14. ) How to treat women in your life
    1. Women vote with their feet, if they aren’t orbiting you physically or trying to, they don’t give a fuck about you. The women that do, you should treat them like any other person. AUTHENTICALLY. If she looks beautiful and you love her, tell her, if she’s bothering you, tell her. Treat all women the same, truthfully.
  15. ) How to be a father
    1. I personally am not at this level yet (I think, haha) but here’s a beautiful family blog about this topic The Family Alpha
  16. How to lead
    1. Plan, Organize, Lead and Control. To motivate others you must simply help them adopt your vision and take good care of them, Quid Pro Quo (This for that) you are responsible for these people, they belong to you and they will leave if they want or if you fuck up. Stay on top of it.
  17. NO
    1. The most powerful word in your arsenal. You don’t have to do anything.
  18. Yes
    1. Your mind will grow around whatever you think on and do, say yes only to what you desire, stay busy and stay strong.

I hope this really helps out my younger readers.

Cheers- G

Make Fear YOUR Bitch.

We all have fears, anyone who claims to not is a liar.

That girl you worship and beat your dick to, she is afraid of something.

Donald Trump is afraid of something.

I am afraid of something.

We can either succumb to it over and over again and let the anxiety of failure and fear consume our lives.


We can expose ourselves to it over and over again until it no longer means anything to you.

This is a fact.

You cannot refute.

Embrace your fear and do ANYTHING about it.

Cheers- G

The illusion of control.

You can’t do shit.

You don’t even control your mind.

All you can do is influence.

To force something, is false. You cannot do it.

You can physically force someone to do something, but you are not “in control”

You are merely influencing the physical realm, you cannot control their mind.

Learn how to maximize influence, manipulation becomes prevalent after awhile.

Cheers- G

Destructive Comfort/Productive Pain

It’s way more comfortable for me to shit and wipe my ass while watching Rick and Morty on the toilet, then playing a round of P.U.B.G

It’s extremely comfortable.

But in the back of my mind there is a small ringing of a voice that’s telling me that my time is being wasted.

I could be going on some long ass hike, enjoying my time and the slight discomfort it brings to my calves after a few hours.

Or I could have written this already.

All it takes it just getting started, what is in motion trends to stay in motion.

Cheers- G


5 Ways to Get the girl. (Or lose if you don’t)

To win.

  1. Authenticity-
    1. Speak plainly, honestly and be direct, lying and manipulation work short term, but it causes A LOT of frustration long term.
  2. Physical Appearance-
    1. Clearly attractiveness is genetic and preferred, but even if you aren’t a 10, you should take care of yourself, workout, eat well. You’ll feel better and it’ll help out in multiple areas.
  3. A life-
    1. Do things you enjoy, take some risks, failure is guaranteed regardless of what you do, so fail big and MORE OFTEN THAN NOT, you will succeed.
  4. Empathy-
    1. Genuine care of another person is a wonderful thing to have in your life, you need to meet your needs and wants, afterwards you must do your best to help your other out of love and care.
  5. Confidence-
    1. To always be confident, fixate on one small task (Walking up to the girl you like, open the homework, talk to one customer, etc) enter that shit with boldness. BOLDNESS

This list is simplistic, use it and become a happy man with happy people.


Cheers- G