Attracting people you want in your life.

Have you ever found yourself in this triangle of discombobulated romance?

You like girl

Girl likes guy

Guy doesn’t give a shit

It may make for a nice sitcom or romcom.

But it makes for a shit ton of dysfunctional relationships in the real world.

What do you want?

Clearly in that situation you wanted the girl.

Now ask yourself why.

You may come up with a plethora of reasons

“She’s pretty”

“She makes me feel good”

“That ass”

This is good, you identified things you wanted and you sought after it in a female.

But somewhere down the line you saw that this girl wasn’t interested in you as much as you are in her. So she moves back.

You follow and you chase because.




Afraid that you will be alone and don’t deserve what you want, then you neurotically act out of this fear and you literally fucking draw what you were trying to avoid into existence.

Makes no fucking sense but, hey it happens.

You know it’s true too, if you aren’t bullshitting yourself, you can look back and see a time where you pushed someone away indirectly with your insecurity and needy behavior out of fear.

Being attached to a specific reality creates attachment to that specific outcome.

While this sounds like a good way to live, that image of reality is exactly that.

An image

Reality is a constant progression, no moment is the same.

The only reality is the now, and you cannot become attached to any one specific reality.

People who were attracted to you ONCE are a part of a different reality, and it changes like the wind. People come and go, and you’re human so you will miss what was but you will suffer if you do not adapt to what IS.

What to do.

What is happening now.

Right now as you read this.

Who are the people that activly seek you in their life?

Which women/men like you?

Are you happy?

What can you do to change that right now?




Do not wait another fucking second, focus only on what you want and the current moment you exist in, yesterday and tomorrow are not real, they do not exist, you have just this moment.

If I died writing this post, I’d die happy.

I’d die happy because I write with a purpose and I enjoy seeing others reap the benefits of this blog.

You need to do the same, do what you want, be willing to suffer in the name of a greater desire or purpose.

If you’re a gamer and you do it with a happy heart and enjoy it and love every aspect of it, odds are you’ll end up dating a gamer.

Focus on yourself and you will attract what you want

If you want a certain type of woman, and have really nailed down what you’re looking for, you won’t settle for less and that’s attractive to women, a man’s strength.

But if you fucking hate your job, social life, etc. A woman isn’t going to fill that void.

When you become a whole person who pursues their desires in every aspect of life, you will attract the same.

Stop procrastinating, do what you want.

Death won’t care if you had a enjoyable life.

Make sure you get what’s yours and then share the love.

Cheers- G


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