Actions Vs Words

“I hate you”

This sentence was uttered during a pause in kissing, that then resumed.

She could’ve said it over and over again, but if she was still kissing me.

Then I’m glad she hates me haha!

Let’s flip the script.

“I love you”

Uttered from a phone, from a long distance.

Then abandonment.

Soul crushing abandonment.

But they said “I love you”

Can you feel it?

I’d rather a friend bust my balls and tell me the hard truth with his words and then continue to stand by me and support me any day rather than a fair weather whisperer of sweet nothings.

Does that girl tell you she will think about it? Then never responds

That she’s interested? Then she never asks you anything

That she loves you? Then leaves you

Women are not liars, they’re the most socially intelligent creatures on this planet, they say what they feel in the present moment.

Just watch what they do. It doesn’t take much people watching to observe the patterns of those who are in love and those who are not. And if you as a man can identify such a thing, women can smell it from miles away.

If you think I’m bullshitting you, go find some girl you REALLY like, beat around the bush with her.

Tell me how it goes

If you get laid, I’ll give you $100

The women who show you that they want you.

The ones that message you out of concern.

Out of love and affection.

Choose them.



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