5 Ways to Get the girl. (Or lose if you don’t)

To win.

  1. Authenticity-
    1. Speak plainly, honestly and be direct, lying and manipulation work short term, but it causes A LOT of frustration long term.
  2. Physical Appearance-
    1. Clearly attractiveness is genetic and preferred, but even if you aren’t a 10, you should take care of yourself, workout, eat well. You’ll feel better and it’ll help out in multiple areas.
  3. A life-
    1. Do things you enjoy, take some risks, failure is guaranteed regardless of what you do, so fail big and MORE OFTEN THAN NOT, you will succeed.
  4. Empathy-
    1. Genuine care of another person is a wonderful thing to have in your life, you need to meet your needs and wants, afterwards you must do your best to help your other out of love and care.
  5. Confidence-
    1. To always be confident, fixate on one small task (Walking up to the girl you like, open the homework, talk to one customer, etc) enter that shit with boldness. BOLDNESS

This list is simplistic, use it and become a happy man with happy people.


Cheers- G


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