I have spoken before of the importance of treating others who love you well.

Not some time for a overzealous sappy, shit article.

I hurt someone I love

I love them very much.

I hurt them so much they don’t love me anymore.

Fucking sucks.

Until recent years I always struggled with self-worth, my own that is

My father left when I was young and vulnerable

I valued him more than my mother, why?


I don’t know why, but I sure as hell know now, I don’t. I love the woman who raised me all those years on her own. She is my blood, she is my mother and always has been.

I carry myself as a king. It’s my way or it isn’t

I didn’t appreciate when things went my way.

I only damaged and yelled.

I bleed out my eyes and onto this page.

I still love them, but they are no longer a part of my kingdom.

Move on, but remember this because I’ve already been through it for you.

Never undervalue people who love and serve you.

They’ll catch on one day.

Cheers- G


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