Dating in High school vs College

Ahhh dating.

My first date I had in high-school was with a girl named Elizabeth.

Elizabeth was blonde, liked minecraft and has nice tits.

And more importantly, me.

I was not the competent lover that I am now, it went OK.

We dated, broke up soon.

The above quote is typically how most highschool relationships go.

Dating in highschool is basically choosing the best ass and hanging out with it for four years.

Dating in college (Real Dating that is) is pretty serious.

Now you have to pay for things, you are about to begin a career.

You’re stuck at that campus with them for years (Sound familiar)

But this time you have a choice, because mommy and daddy aren’t here to tell you what to do and give you money.

College is the place you go to find a wife, or fuck all the sorority girls on campus.

Moral of the story, if you date someone, only do it if they’re a candidate for raising your kids.

Otherwise, fuck it.

Cheers- G


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