Addiction (Mental Wants and Needs)


A topic chosen by my follower alex.parraa (Bombass dude)

Addiction on the scientific level applies to the steady release of endorphins and dopamine into the body via a certain stimulus.

That stimulus can be a life event such as getting a promotion, sex, etc.

Or it can come from the artificial

Drugs, Alcohol, Etc

Now all these things in moderation don’t have much of a addictive effect. But since the artificial stimulants can be obtained at a moments notice, these things set you up for an addictive lifestyle. Everyone knows that.

Overthinking also leads to addiction, an addiction to overthinking leads to anxiety, and anxiety leads to a shitty life and early grave.

So with all this addiction what’s a man or woman to do?

In all honesty, addiction and habit are two sides of the same coin, you must choose wisely. Because one can turn you into a mad success, the other can detach you from the life you feel like is worth living.

The best way to rid yourself of one addictive process is to habituate and develop a different behavior (Become obsessed with something else)

It might sound like pseudo-science but it is a truth.

Do something small, small actions always lead to bigger ones.

If you’re addicted to weed, get some accountability and focus your attention on a goal and don’t stop.

Want to forget a girl, go get another, focus on your business or career.

One dog dies, replace it with another.

Sounds cruel but if you look at it in other humans, it works.

So, go get addicted.

Cheers- G


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