Sex vs your screen.

Real Sex > Porn

No fucking brainer right?

You’d think so, but the problem is that porn is the easy way out, the way out to go if you have not the “time” or “ability” to get laid.

Porn is convenient, too convenient. It can rob you of the drive to make love to an actual woman, the sharing of a closeness with another human in the most sensual way possible, and you would give it up for your hands.


I gave up masturbation about 6 months ago, so the inherent tone of hypocrisy probably sounds evident, but that’s fine. No one says you don’t have to be a  little hypocritical to make a point.

Sex is objectively better for you, better for your mind and body.

Increases all these:

  • Testosterone
  • Leptin Production
  • Growth Hormone
  • Unstresses the fuck outta you

Do yourself a favor

Stop jerking it

Stop watching porn

Go fuck a beautiful girl you enjoy as a person.

Cheers- G


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