I am man. (Chapter 1 preview)


This book is for men who want to feel the fire in their hearts and reignite the will to live and live well.

Chapter 1.)

The Problem

The tv screen was blue, the room was dark, it was late and he was asleep. This was the first time he’d been in the house in a few months, I was young and didn’t remember the time he was gone for the most part anyway, my mother saw to that.

The hand of my mother was the only hand that really guided me, not by choice but by necessity, she wanted me active in sports, I loved baseball, but when my father left my love for sports followed sue. Something very empty formed when he left, a hole that I filled years later, but the in between is a painful, shitty mess.

I wanted to see my dad, I wanted to not be shy and ashamed of liking a girl in the 3rd grade, I wanted my friends to not move away, I wanted a father and not a passive aggressive mother (who tried her best).

How can a man become a man, if he can’t hear his own voice?

A voice drowned out by parents, doubts, media, tv.

That’s the problem.


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