Be mean. Be kind. Be the King

How to treat others.

I’d bet my left testicle that when it comes to the topic of how you should treat other people you should treat them how you want to be treated.

Now you don’t have to be Pavlov and his dogs to understand why that is a horrendous idea, you treat others in response to how they treat you.

I don’t praise my dog for killing the neighbors cat.

I praise it when it sits on command.

I do not reward an unruly woman.

I reward submission.

Get it?

We often take people who serve us for granted, and tend to suck up to those that look down on or belittle us.

We feel good when we have to work for something, and crave validation from other sources. But when you become self-assured, you become a source of validation.

Don’t believe me? Do you find yourself chasing things/people who don’t want you or you don’t have instead of tending to the things that already belong to you?

Ambition is admirable, self deprecation is foolish and pitiful.

Compromise on things if it truly benefits you. Otherwise deal in absolutes.

“You’re either with me, or against me”

Some will call it egotistical, those will be the people you want to avoid.

But those who are with you, you must treat well, how could you not love those who support you and your will?

Cheers- G


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