Men and Women (A Guide)

No this is not a guide on swinging.



Men are men and women are women, this is not opinionated, simply a fact.

If you want to reproduce, as a man you must fuck a woman. And vice-versa.

Men and women have masculine and feminine traits, physically and also certain traits that are assigned under the labels; Masculine and Feminine.

Personality wise, masculine and feminine personalities are interchangeable with sex.

You can be a woman who is certain of herself and likes to dominate and that’s not a problem.

You can be a man who scales more toward the feminine aspect.

Both of these things are natural.

 But when you label masculine and feminine under a set of rules and things that must be done, then you have a problem.

Masculinity is not something you do, it’s who you are.

Femininity is also something you feel.

A masculine man, does not question himself, he simply knows what he wants and he does it.

The masculine woman does not question herself, she knows what she wants and does it.

The feminine man wavers and is uncertain and accepts that and enjoys the chaos.

The feminine woman wavers and is uncertain and accepts that and enjoys the chaos.

What does it all mean.

While you must be sexually attracted to your other, afterwards you must identify who you are and who they are in concordance to Masculine and Feminine personas.

Use the traits listed to figure out which one you are.

Masculine Traits

  • Imposes it’s will, does not succumb
  • Self-Assured
  • Is powered from within
  • Direct
  • Associates dominance
  • Leads
  • Protects
  • “Manly”

Feminine Traits

  • Uncertain
  • Nuturing
  • Shy
  • Chaotic
  • Plyable
  • Submissive (Passive)
  • Serves
  • “Female”

Hope this helps out.

Cheers!- G


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