Fuck social media.

Virtual Life > Real Life

If you find yourself identifying with this equation.

Stop reading this.


Don’t leave because it’s pathetic, leave because you need to fix it. There’s no reason to waste your life in front of a screen, never touching other humans, sharing the real communication we all crave.


*Source: “The Social Media Gen”*

I currently attend College and while I have harped on it for my entire life in essence,  I still went (fuck me right?) I’ve come to enjoy it thusfar, but what I’ve noticed is this.

No one makes eye contact.

No one is excited.

No one talks

No life.

Everyone’s getting off to how people perceive them on social media, for anyone who reads this blog that’s younger. Stay away from people who are addicted to social media, even if that means you have to be alone. Social media manipulates and makes things look more fun than it is. I’ll tell you for certain, if you see a picture of some basic looking bitches who look like they’re having a blast on the beach.

They posed for the picture, then went back to being on the phone. Begging for the world to acknowledge they aren’t losers.

Now don’t get me wrong, some people truly are exciting on and off the screen. Great.

But the mass majority, are just losers who want everyone to think they aren’t.

Ask anyone that knows me beyond social media, I’m a fan of disorderly conduct and doing some dumb shit, alas my social media doesn’t have the same glamour.

Oh fucking well, those experiences will stay with me and those I shared it with, it means that much more.

Stop living your life in an endless circle jerk of attention and validation on the phone and computer.

Go do something you’ll never forget.

Cheers. – G


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