Size and Strength *A Short-ass Guide*


Let’s make this effective and sweet.


  • High Intensity/Low Reps (1-5 Reps)
  • Rest should be full recovery (Until you aren’t fatigued at all)
  • Sacrifice volume for more frequent workouts
  • Set a specific rep goal, when you drop a rep below it, you’re done for that exercise.

  • Size

  • Medium Intensity/Medium Reps (6-12)
  • Fuck recovery times, hammer it out
  • High volume = more gains, also = fucked up the next day

  • Nutrition

  • Eat meat, alot of meat
  • if you’re looking to put on size, a calorie surplus of 500 will do
  • In the words of Larry the Lobster. always be hydrating
  • Get an even amount of macros (in layman’s term, 33% Fat, 33% Protein, 33% Carbs.
  • If you touch surgar, kill yourself

I’ll go into much further detail in the future.

Cheers.- G


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