How to never lose (Abundance Mindset)

What you want is out there.

So ditch whatever the fuck isn’t what you want, because *Refer to the above*

Losing is not a natural concept, as far as nature is concerned there is no, right or wrong, no victory or defeat, it just is what it is. While it may seem paradoxical that if you can’t lose therefore you can never win. Instead your desire is what is, and if you’re with something you don’t want, be it a person, place, financial status. You will either succumb to the environment. Or you will man the fuck up and change the environment.

“But you can’t always get what you want”

To that there is only one option.


Obsession took mankind to the borders of the Earth, the sky and the fucking moon. Anyone who says you can’t is not someone who’s done the impossible.

Most of you really know what you want, deep down. So stop reading this.

Go, Get, It.

Because you cannot lose, only be.


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