Dominance Vs. Control



  • The expression of what you want and ability to refuse anything else.
  • Willing your desire, not controlling that of others
  • Comes from a place of strength


  • Comes from a place of fear
  • Reacts to the will of others
  • Forces your desires into a reality that does not exist. Therefore useless.

Control may seem tempting, but remember, if it isn’t coming from a place of strength, then it isn’t fulfilling. I’ve tried, it also brings me to my next point.

You have all NO control

But you can dominate. And you do control your will. In fact that’s all, you don’t control your desires, wants, needs or any of that shit.

You are nothing but willpower.

You can will yourself in a way that seems controlling, but when you cannot accept a resisting force and succumb your own desires to change the other force, you’ve lost already, the other has dominated you.

Here’s some darker thoughts to let it sink in.

You can either be a kinky fuck like myself and hit a women because you both love it, or you can hit her because you’re afraid she’ll leave you. And fear, is the most pathetic thing to succumb to.

To summarize this.


Your Dominance and Will = Strength

Control = Fear

Don’t be a pussy.

Cheers- G



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