How to be a man.

Be Selfish

And like that, I’ve revived your will to live. More on this later.

Before we identify the aspects of a man. We must address the problem that presented the prompting of this question.


Real men are a dying breed in most modern countries. Technological advancement and “Social Activism” has painted a picture similar to the one below.


And congrats, we’ve all taken the blows like champs for the past three generations. Masculinity is being killed in the name of things like “Equality” and “Neutrality”. The people who back these claims also tend to one of two things.

1.) Women (Usually ugly and dissatisfied) or

2.) Men (Who hate themselves).


(The male feminist in his natural habitat, his room)

“But what shall we do, how do we revive masculinity in our hearts?”

At the very core.

Masculinity is pursuing your wants, no holds barred.

*See Being Selfish*

“How do I do this?”

See that girl in the store you want to bang?

Tell her.

Want to tell everyone at your work to fuck off and quit?

Do it.

Do not fear the backlash and adversity, because like death it is inevitable.

Masculinity is not objective in the sense of you do things that are masculine, so much as the things you want to do, are masculine.

You have the power to will yourself onto the world and to take everything you want.

 I will get into specifics in the close future.

Cheers. – G



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